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Welcome to NGA

Here at NGA (Notarizing, Grading & Authentication) for NFTs, we aim to give our customers the best certified and quality service by authenticating NFTs. 

There are many fake NFTs on secondary markets such as Opensea & Rarible floating about which have no value at all. We at NGA will approve and authenticate your NFTs giving investors that comfort of knowing they have the original NFT from a collection or Artist.

All Authentic NFTs will be approved with our certified holographic NGA logo and a blue tick authentic stamp along with other important information for the NFT, confirming it is indeed an authentic NFT from its true collection or Artist.

 A QR code will be shown which will direct interested buyers directly to the site of sale. 

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Your Authenticated NFTs can be displayed on any device! Phones, Tablets & Digital Photo Frames

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Our Story

Having been around since the 1st ever NFTs to get minted from Kevin McCoy, “Quantum” (2014)  to "Crypto Kitties" (2017), we realized there would one day be a need for proof of authenticity on NFTs. 

As easy as it is to right click and save a image and then re sell it as a NFT is as easy for someone to buy a fake NFT not created by the original Artist or Collection.

we faced a similar situation back in 2017 of purchasing fake NFTs by mistake in thinking they were authentic, to later find out they were worthless. 

There was a space for NGA to help future investors just like PSA does for trading cards. So here we are today.

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It all sounds great, but what does NGA actually do?

NGA Guarantees Authenticity to each and every NFT collector by going through our series of checks on the blockchain confirming that you do indeed own the original NFT art piece.

Will Having my NFT Authenticated by NGA increase its value?

NFT owners With our authentic Stamp of approval may list their NFTs for a higher price. This is because the NFT is Guaranteed to be the authentic NFT. 

Future buyers who see our Certified Holographic NGA mark are highly likely to buy your NFT with confidence. 

What do I receive when paying?.

Our approved NFTs will come as a MP4 Video file format to you, with our unique Certified layout depending on the NFT style you chose to purchase.

this allows you to showcase your NFT on any device such as your phone or tablet or digital photo frame without having to pay multiple times for a new digital frame.

(digital frames are optional to purchase along with your submission for NGA approvals.)

what if my NFT is not the original from a NFT collection or Artist?

Only Authentic NFTs will have a blue stamp to confirm it is indeed the original NFT, If for any reason you submit a NFT which is not Genuine, it may still be approved and sent to you, but it will not have a Authentic stamp and it will be made clear that the NFT is not Authentic.

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